Best Mens Care Products Making Courses in Delhi | Craft Tree

Course Details

Minimum no. of people : 1

USP of the product : Herbal , Commercial and 100% Pure

Course duration : 2 Days

Education required : None

Age & Gender : Anyone can do this course

Convertible into Business : Yes

Scalable & Profitable : Yes


Natural and Skin friendly ingredients

How to make extracts

Acquainting yourself with cosmetic grade colors

Introduction to skin safe fragrances

Introduction of Fragrances and colors that don’t change the texture of your men’s care products

Difference between cosmetic colors and food colors

Knowledge about herbal ingredients

Difference between essence, perfume & essential oil

Using of men’s care products making equipment

Awareness about commercial machines

Know how of the ingredients used in mens care products making

Precautions while making your products

How to change your recipes

How to reduce or increase the PH value

Prelude to producing in bulk

Costing and Marketing

Professional packaging of the product

Mens Care Products Making Course

Best Mens Care Products Making Courses in Delhi | Craft Tree


  1.  Beard and Moustache Oil:
  2.  Meats and Moustache Wax:
  3.  Men’s Shampoo:
  4.  Shaving Cream:
  5.  Men’s Body Scrub:
  6.  Hair Gel:
  7.  After Shaving Lotion:
  8.  Men’s Talcom Powder: