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Minimum no. of people : 1

Education required : none

Age & Gender : anyone can do this course

Convertible into Business : yes

Scalable & profitable: yes


Introduction On Handmade Wax

Learn About Different Types Of Candle Shades And Perfumes

How To Make Moldless Candles

Right Temperature and pouring techniques

Preparing Your Wicks

Knowledge About Different Types Of Candle Making Equipments.


Professional Candle Making Courses Online In Delhi

Professional Candle Making Courses Online In Delhi. Candle making is a unique business that is also one of the most straightforward to enter. Making candles used to be a must, but now it's just a fun way to decorate your home and make it feel more welcoming and colourful. Craft Tree Academy, one of Delhi's best training centres, offers Candle Making Online Courses.
Bring your hobby to the pinnacle of the industry. By registering for Craft Tree Academy's Professional Candle Making Online Courses. One of Delhi's professional Candle Making Courses Training Centers is the Craft Tree Academy. In Delhi, there are professional candle making courses available online.


Three Online Professional Candle Making Courses in Delhi You've Never Heard Of


  1. DECORATION: Thunder will light a simple candle for them, an elegant candle with a wire to amplify the charm, a dense candle, a tear candle.
  2. TECHNICAL CFS: wall light, stone-filled lantern, zebra candle, dice candle, casual.
  3. WOW TECHNIQUE: candle design, sweet candle design job, powerful candle, gleaming effect After writing, a lamp.

Online Candle Making Courses – What Are The Different Types Of Candle Making Courses?


  1. Candle Pillar, Candle Floats, T-lite Candle, Candle Taper, and Rustic Candle are all covered in this professional candle making course.
  2. Chunk Candle, Embedded Candle, Granite Candle, and Hurricane Candle are examples of advanced candle making techniques.
  3. Course on making designer and decorative candles: Wow technology, CFS technology, CFS technology, CFS technology, CFS technology, CFS
  4. Colored Gel Candle, Gel Candle Aquarium, Beer Gel Candle, Gel Candle Sand Design Handcrafted candles: minar candles, king of flowers candles, candles Nainital
  5. Jar Candle Flavor, Colorful Jar Candle Flavourings (Aroma Jar Candle Course)


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