Soap Making Courses In Delhi | Best Soap Courses from Craft Tree

Course Details

Minimum no. of people : 1

USP of the product : Herbal , Commercial and 100% Pure

Course duration : 2 Days

Education required : None

Age & Gender : Anyone can do this course

Convertible into Business : Yes

Scalable & Profitable : Yes


Introduction to soap bases

Types of soap bases

Acquainting yourself with soap colors

Intro to soap perfumes

Difference between soap colors and food colors

Knowledge about color wheel

Mixing of colors to make your own shade of color

Knowledge about soap raw material

Difference between essence & perfume & essential oil

Learning about scrubs

Facts about muds & clays

Using of soap equipment

Awareness about soap making machine

Knowledge of soap cutting machines

Instructions about soap molds

Prelude to producing your soaps in bulk

Costing and marketing

Professional packaging of your soaps

Professional Melt And Pour Soap Making Course

Soap Making Courses In Delhi | Best Soap Courses from Craft Tree

Soap Making Course In Delhi


Soap Making Courses In Delhi. You can learn how to make enjoyable, visually breathtaking soaps using pre-made bases, colours, and fragrances if you take these Soap Making Courses In Delhi. You'll be able to make a variety of wonderful soaps using a variety of techniques, ranging from rustic, natural soaps to fun, eye-catching soaps that both kids and adults will enjoy. You'll have a new hobby to do with older kids in the safety of your own kitchen. You'll create things that are so incredible that your friends and family will be begging you to make more for them. You'll be able to make fantastic presents for family and friends using the packaging tips. This course is for those looking for a fun, imaginative new hobby they can do at home, and children under the guidance of an adult are welcome to participate. The full beginner or someone with only rudimentary experience with melt and pour soap who wants to experiment with various materials, methods, and colours. Anyone interested in making soaps that are free of skin irritants. Anyone making Cold Process Soap and looking for a fast and easy way to make embeds to use in or decorate their soap. Anyone looking for a way to supplement their income with a side venture or just raise some spare cash to finance a new hobby.


Soap making at home

  1.  BASIC SOAPS: Glycerine Soap, Cloudy Opaque Soap, Double Layer Soap, Up and Down Soap, Honey Soap, Aloe vera Soap, SLES
  2. THERAPEUTIC SOAPS: Antifungal Soap, Moisturizing Soap, Glowing Skin Soap, Saffron Soap, Green Tea Soap, Papaya Soap, Skin Whitening Soap, Cleansing Soap, Vitamin C Soap, Honey Soap, Activated Soap, Chemical-Free Soap, Aloe vera Soap are examples of natural soaps.
  3. AROMATHERAPY: Refreshing Soap, Relaxing Soap, Anti Acne Soap, Anti Rash Soap, Anti-Scar Mud Soap, Skin Tightening Mud Soap, Medicated Mud Soap, Effect of Cooling Anti-Tanning Soap, Mud Soap
  4. SCRUB SOAPS: Loofah Soap, Walnut Soap, Oat Meal Soap, Coffee Soap, Cinnamon Soap, Citrus Scrub Soap
  5. Soap Finishing and Packaging


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