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Bow making

Envelop making

Carrybag Designing

Designing Wooden Platter Making

Designing Invitation Card Platter – Wedding Card

Different type of basket decoration

The decoration of ring platter


Gift packing is an innate art that everybody has. It just needs a right person to help you hone your skills.

You need just a sprinkle of imagination a pinch of creativity and ta-da you have a very special gift for a very special occasion.

If you wish to improve the skill of Gift packing and turn this hobby into profession then Gift packing courses are the most feasible way.

You can join the course that is designed by the professionals and will provide you with knowledge on how you can seek a career in this industry.

This business has emerged as the most preferred one among the young generation who look for the procession apart from the traditional professions. Turn yourself to be a sought after wedding/trousseau packer

Professional Trousseau Packing Course

Professional Trousseau Packing Course in Delhi | Craft Tree Academy

Gift wrapping is an art form, and not everyone is capable of doing it well. There requires possessing special skills and imaginary power to provide the best Gift pickings considering the real intention of the special occasion. Gift packaging courses are the most practical way to develop your gift packing skills and turn your passion into a career. You will enrol in a course that has been developed by experts that will teach you how to pursue a career in this field. This company has been the most popular among the younger generation who are looking for something different than conventional careers.Do you want to learn how to pack a wedding like a pro? Our trousseau packing classes will turn you into a pro packer for every reason. Enhance your imagination and rediscover your senses and concepts for concept and colour combos. With our realistic tutorials, you will make your wedding packing awe-inspiring.

  1. The launch of packing accessories
  2. A variety of basket decorations
  3. The ring platter's decoration
  4. Stylish shoe storage
  5. The first plate of invitations
  6. Mehndi platter
  7. Saree packaging that is exclusive
  8. Box making
  9. Packaging for cosmetics