Professional Cookies Making Courses | Craft Tree Academy

Course Details

Minimum no. of people : 1

Education required : none

Age & Gender : anyone can do this course

Convertible into Business : yes

Scalable & profitable: yes


Bakery is one of the most creative field. Creativity and innovation are key qualities required in to be successful in this field.

Our Programs teaches the elementary knowledge of sources, properties and use of materials like oils, eggs, sugar and dry fruits, leavening agents, preparation of ingredients, movements in mixing , recipes of confectionery goods, icing and cream fillings, knowledge about equipment used, baking temperature, etc.

Here students are not only given knowledge of cakes and pastries but also taught to prepare exciting bakery products like tart pie, biscuits, cookies, cup cake, Muffins , doughnut etc.

Professional Cookies Making Course

Professional Cookies Making Courses | Craft Tree Academy

Professional Cookies Making course includes:

  1.  Nutty Butter Biscuit
  2.  Oats Crispies
  3.  Chocochip Biscuits
  4.  Atta Biscuits
  5.  Jeera and Ajwain Biscuits
  6.  Coconut Cookies
  7.  Jam Custar
  8.  Red Velvet Cookie
  9.  Whole Wheat Almond Cookies
  10.  Swiss Roll Cookies
  11.  Naan Khatai