Learn in 2021 top 5 Soap making courses online India
Learn in 2021 top 5 Soap making courses online India

Soap Making Course


Learn in 2021 top 5 Soap making courses online

1.    Soap Base Making Course
2.    Professional Melt and Pour Soap Making Course
3.    Advance Melt And Pour Soap Making Course
4.    Professional Cold Process Soap Making Course
5.    Advance Cold Process Soap Making Course


Learn the top 5 soap making courses online in a professional way at Craft Tree Academy. You can either take the classes offline or learn the soap making courses online in the form of Tutorials and Training Classes. After the successful completion of the course the certificate would also be provided online. Craft Tree Academy provides you all soap making professional courses in Amazing price with 50% off on all online courses.


What is Soap Base Making Courses?

Soap base making Craft Tree Academy


Water, oil, lye, and solvent are all used to make soap base. These are used to produce melt-and-pour soaps, allowing you to customize your own soap base for better results. Transparent Soap Base, Goat Milk Soap Base, Charcoal Soap Base, and many other types of soap bases are available.
We at Craft Tree Academy teach you how to produce your own soap base, complete with a full description and in-depth knowledge of all the ingredients involved in the process.


Practical Parts you will learn in Soap Making Classes

  •     Opaque soap base
  •     SLS & Paraben Free soap base
  •     Charcoal soap base
  •     Honey soap base
  •     Milk soap base

      Duration of Course - 1 Day
      Fees of Course - 8,000



Professional Melt and Pour Soap Making Course

Professional melt pour soap Craft Tree Academy


  • AROMATHERAPY: Refreshing Soap, Relaxing Soap, Anti Acne Soap, Anti Rash Soap, Anti-Scar Mud Soap, Skin Tightening Mud Soap, Medicated Mud Soap, Effect of Cooling Anti-Tanning Soap, Mud Soap
  • SCRUB SOAPS: Loofah Soap, Walnut Soap, Oat Meal Soap, Coffee Soap, Cinnamon Soap, Citrus Scrub Soap
  • Soap Finishing and Packaging 
  • THERAPEUTIC SOAPS: Antifungal Soap, Moisturizing Soap, Glowing Skin Soap, Saffron Soap, Green Tea Soap, Papaya Soap, Skin Whitening Soap, Cleansing Soap, Vitamin C Soap, Honey Soap, Activated Soap, Chemical-Free Soap, Aloe vera Soap are examples of natural soaps.
  • BASIC SOAPS: Glycerine Soap, Cloudy Opaque Soap, Double Layer Soap, Up and Down Soap, Honey Soap, Aloe vera Soap, SLES

       Duration of Course – 1 Day
       Course fees- 8000


Advance Melt And Pour Soap Making Course

Advance melt pour soap


  • SOAPS MADE OF GRANITE: Multi-Color Granite Soap, Black and White Granite Soap, Dessert Soap, Pastry Soap, Liquor Soap, Mocktail Soap, Doughnut Soap are some of the designer soaps
  •  Chunk Soap,  Heart Shaped Soap, Swiss Roll Soap, Peel Off Soap, Multi-Colored Chunk Soap are all examples of chunk soaps.
  •  SOAPS WITH EMBEDDING: MoM Soap, Flower Garden Soap, Sea Soap, Baby Soap, Toy Soap, Customized Soap, Citrullus Lanatus Soap, Citrus Reticlata Soap, Rutaceae Soap are examples of fruit soaps.
  •  Soap use in bulk
  •  SWIRL SOAPS: Swirl Soap in a Variety of Colors
  •  Soap Finishing and Packaging
  • SOAPS OF THE PANTHERA PARADUS: Yellow Panthera Paradus Soap, Multicolored Panthera Paradus Soap

       Duration of Course – 2 Day
       Course fees- 8000


Professional Cold Process Soap Making Course

Professional cold process Craft Tree Academy


  •     Using soap-making equipment
  •     Your soaps' packaging
  •     Moisturizing Soap, Double Layer Soap, Almond Soap, Cleansing Soap, Soaps for Dry Skin, and Luxurious Soap are all examples of basic cold process soap.
  •     Oat Meal Scrub Soap, Walnut Scrub Soap, Orange Peel Scrub Soap, Wheat Bran Scrub Soap, Sesame Scrub Soap, Coffee Scrub Soap, Mineral Rich Scrub Soap

       Duration of Course – 2 Day
       Course fees- 8000


Advance Cold Process Soap Making Course


  •     Calamine Soap, Kaoline Soap, Bentonite Soap, Charcoal Soap, Clay of Mulan Soap, Rose Clay Soap, Dead Sea Mud Soap, Pore Tightening Soap are examples of mud and clay soaps.
  •     Icing & Frosting Soap from Designer Soaps.
  •     Flower Swirl Soap, Web Swirl Soap, Heart Swirl Soap, Signature Swirl Soap are examples of SWIRL TECHNIQUE SOAPS.
  •     ADVANCE SWIRL SOAPS: Funnel Pour Soap, Column Pour Soap
  •     PURE SOAPS: Lemon Soap, Milk Soap, Beer Soap, Orange Soap, Cucumber Soap
  •     Cold Process Hot Process Soap (CPHP)
  •     Packaging and finishing
  •     How to make your own recipe calculations

        Duration of Course – 2 Day
        Course fees- 8000


Why Craft Tree Academy Best Soap Making Training Center in Delhi?

Craft Tree Academy has been a pioneer in providing online and offline Soap making courses. The trainers and teachers at Craft Tree Academy has been expert in their respective field. The art of disseminating knowledge and skills to students is at par with the optimum trainers to student ratio.
After the successful completion of the course, the students would be provided with a certificate acknowledging the completion of their course.


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